The Chair Makeovers Continue...

Sarah's chair before! Sarah's beautiful new chair!

So you already know that I have a thing for chair makeovers. It's my secret obsession really, which I guess isn't so secret anymore.  My dear friend Sarah, who sadly just moved away with her family to Chicago, is one of my latest chair makeover recipients. She very kindly blogged about her fabulous new chair here.  To quickly recap, she had a special family hand-me-down chair whose funky plaid upholstery just wasn't working for her. In a matter of days, the amazing Charlene transformed her chair into a thing of beauty!

Sarah runs the blog Shine on Mom and has great insight on all things related to parenting in today's world and offers a great online venue for Moms everywhere to connect with each other and share their experiences. You can check out Shine on Mom here or follow on Facebook or Instagram .

Chair Makeover

I love a good chair makeover. It always amazes me how with some effort (some more than others) you can literally bring new life to an old, outdated chair. I've done a few of these over the years with varying degrees of DIY and thought I'd do a round up of them here. Hope it provides some inspiration for you, especially this time of year when some extra seating is likely in need. My first chair makeover was this one below. I found these chairs on Craigslist, had to go pick them up in a super sketchy part of town on a dark and stormy night but I persevered and am so glad I did. But that was the end of my effort for these chairs as I handed them over to the very talented, Charlene Gilmour of the Big Stuff and she turned them into the beauties you see now in my living room! Chairs as purchased from Craigslist Chairs in their new life!     My first real DIY chair makeover was this lovely little chair I inherited from my husband's mother. She had inherited it from her mother and I'd always admired the lines. Of course I don't have before photos of it as I wasn't forward thinking enough at the time. But it was a mid brown wood stain with light blue velvet fabric and ivory ribbon trimming it. I painted it and re-stuffed the seat (it had previously been stuffed with horse hair, NOT even kidding). I added one of my favourite graphic fabrics, this is called Cats Cradle and is available at a variety of fabric stores. It's a great addition to various parts of my home depending on my mood. Sometimes it's in my master bedroom, other times it's in the guest room or when needed it I've pulled it into my dining room for an extra dinner guest. Bedroom chair   My most recent chair makeover was this lovely faux bamboo chair and ottoman that we inherited from my husband's grandmother and have at our family cottage. The seat cushion covers I left to the experts at Tonic Living but I armed myself with 10 cans of blue spray paint and went to town updating the colour from it's original natural bamboo. I am thrilled with how it turned out and is now my most favourite spot in the cottage to curl up with a good book. Cottage chair before Cottge chair