Project Willowbank

I'm in the final stages of wrapping up one of my favourite projects so far and thought it was high time to share some pics of what's been going on over at Project Willowbank. This is an older home in Toronto that has great bones but needed a little love. I've been working with the owners on various areas in the home; living room, bedrooms, master bath, etc. Some rooms needed complete gut jobs and others were more of a decorating challenge.

As we're still in the finishing stages I've shared some sneak peaks below, final photos to come in the New Year!

Target had some terrific pieces this Fall and I incorporated  many of them into the living for this project. Just goes to show you that you don't always need to splurge. Final living room pics to come!


The backsplash tile really steals the show in this master bathroom. We ran it all the way to the ceiling for  maximum impact.

What could be more girly than a hot pink ceiling and fabulous drapes. Apologies for the bad lighting in this shot, will be sure to post brighter shot!

This master bedroom feels so calm and serene thanks to the gorgeous Tonic Living drapes!